Scouty Pupper-Doo

I am (clearly) biased, but I have the cutest, most personality-filled Labrador Retriever in the whole world, that  I needed to pay homage to her here.

Because I absolutely adore To Kill A Mockingbird, it is and will always remain one of my favorite novels my dog names were picked out LOOOOOOONG before we actually had a dog.  I told my husband flat-out that if it's a boy-dog, I'm naming him Atticus, and if it's a girl-dog, she's Scout Finch.  So....

Meet Scout Finch.  We got her on July 30, 2009 less than a month after we moved in to our house.  I have been and will always be pro-rescue, but we got her from an acquaintance (friend of a friend) who's dog had puppies.  And there was no way we weren't coming home with her.  Seriously.  She was the only unclaimed puppy and before we drove down there to meet her and potentially (definitely) bring her home, we asked them to send us a picture of her... this was what we received.
can you resist this cutie?!?
She chose us!--though the feeling was mutual.  When we drove up to the house, I got out of the car and Scout ran across the lawn in that awkward puppy run and then laid down right on my flip-flopped feet.  And that was that.  I am her person; she is my pupper-doo.  She curls up with me when I am sick.  She sleeps on my feet at night and *sigh*

i am in LOVE with this dog!!!

a natural born "detroit tigers" pup!

does anything really need to be said at the adorableness of this pic?

on the 10 drive back from my parents house after christmas, 2009.  such a good traveler!

more puppy cuteness!

ho ho ho!

first day at school!  she's such a good girl!  now if only she would learn how to walk on a lead.... *grrrr*

the after effects of day care....

top dog


guard puppy!

hahaha!  that bone is huge!

hide and seek!

no one will find me here if I sit verrrry....stilllllll.....

scout hearts grandma & grandpa's house on the lake!

lots of things to investigate....

and room to run!

perched on her "throne"

she rules with a gentle paw.


laughing at her own jokes.

my, what a cute doggy!

scout also serves well as a foot rest

notice the "chewie" in her mouth and then the pile of them right below, on the floor...

it's exhausting being so cute and charming.

scout, all decked out for some spartan sports!!! 


she curled up next to my hubs

can anyone really resist this pup?!?

scout is NOT a morning puppy!  I told her it was time to get up and she burrowed her face into the comforter...

Scouter Pup

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