Tuesday, March 23

Off the Bandwagon...

So I was doing really good there, going to the gym and running consistently.  The beautiful weather has been a great motivator.  H
However, I started falling off of the wagon, and HARD, last week.  The time change (or at least, that's what I'm associating it with) really threw me.  I had a lot (and by a lot I mean, all) of sleepless nights last week from Saturday (13 March, 2010) on.  Plus, Tuesday was my birthday (I turned 29 for the third year in a row), Wednesday was St. Patrick's Day.   Thursday and Friday, I drug my butt to the gym, but...in my opinion, did not have good workourts.  Saturday and Sunday were crazy, That said, I spent the week trying to maintain sanity, and the gym fell by the wayside.
Effective immediately, I am back to the gym.  Or maybe I will take the dog for a run...  But most likely, I will make myself go to the gym.  Wish me luck!
--Happy Running!

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