Wednesday, October 27

Week One - Done!

(Tracking those calories)

Tracking calories has long been the one facet of fitness that has eluded me.  I mean, really... taking note of every single bite of food can be a hugely daunting task.  As such, it's something that I'll try and after 2 hours, i've already given up.  Then when you try and estimate the calorie content of each item you nibble on.  Forget it.  Not gonna happen.

Enter technology (with a huge thank you attached!).  Last Christmas, my wonderful hubby got me an itouch, and I have to be honest, that thing has barely left my hand SINCE.  One of the first apps I had downloaded, which I later even read a review about on FitSugar. However, it took me until about Labor Day of this year before I finally decided it was time to get serious.

Enter today.

I love this app.  First off, it already has a pretty decent sized catalogue of foods and exercises.  If you can't find a the same or similar food item, it is really easy to add new items to your list.  Secondly, there is a corresponding website (click on the image above to check it out) which communicates with your app, so that you can easily update items on the computer as well... helpful if you don't like typing new food data on the itouch.

This tool is incredibly easy to use and as a result, I have been surprisingly good about entering everything into the log since I've started.  You enter your current stats; height, weight, goal weight, etc and it gives you a daily calorie budget that automatically adjusts for you as you lose weight.

By tracking all your foods and activities (even such mundane things as vacuuming) it's amazing how many calories you both burn and consume that you don't even think about.  As a result, you actually start to become more thoughtful about what you CHOOSE to eat, as opposed to just absently snacking.

Anyways...I love this tool, even if you don't have an itouch, I recommend using the website.  Just seeing how many calories you are allowed during the day, and how many you've consumed and burned, really allows for better results.


Now onto other things... in the past 7 weeks, I've lost 15 pounds.  (Granted, I lost about 6 of them two weeks ago due to a really nasty upper respiratory infection.  All I ate during this week were quarts Chicken & Dumpling soup (from a local Polish diner, 2 Sisters--it's AMAZING).  But... I've kept it off.

I'm still running.  Slowly.  But I'm still running.  Now if I could just hit the same pace/run that I used to be able to hit--I'll be a happy camper.

Further, my parents and I have all registered for the first annual Kalamazoo Marathon next May.  I'm nothing if not both ambitious and a glutton for punishment....  This will be my second 26.2


Love and Running,

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  1. Great post. I agree; it is difficult to track down everything! It's awesome that you have that app. Technology does make life easier sometimes :) Good luck on your marathon! Can't wait to read what happens.


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