Wednesday, March 16

f is for flu but b is for birthday.

So, I have been sick as a dog since Monday afternoon.  'Sick is a dog' is actually a rather silly analogy as my dog is generally healthy as a horse, but... (See, a sure sign I'm sick.  Dumb jokes)

Seriously though, right around lunchtime on Monday I started feeling rather nauseous.  The unproductive type where you know you are not going to throw up, but you feel like you are.  I had taken a Vicodin for my elbow about an hour prior.  While I know that nausea is a very common side effect to Vicodin, I'd never had any trouble with it in the handful of times that I had been prescribed it, however it seemed to be the obvious culprit of my current condition. I spent much of the rest of the day lying down and trying to quell the alternating waves of dizzy and nausea without much luck.

Side note: Even though I had previously used the phrase waves of nausea many times, it wasn't until the other day that I truly realized that whoever coined that phrase was exactly right -- and it was probably some fisherman or something back hundreds of years.  Further, they are by no means gentle waves.  Ugh!

By Tuesday morning after still feeling nauseous and now having a nice fever spike (101.1 actually, which is really, super-high for me) and thus concluded that it was thankfully not the Vicodin.  Of course, I haven't taken anything since Monday, as the thought of trying to keep it down is enough to make me cry.  I still felt relief on this fact.  I did my best to try and focus on work and only made it until almost noon, stopping about the time that I picked up and then immediately hung up the phone on my colleague as I made a dash to the bathroom.  So... that was mortifying!

I went back upstairs to go to bed shortly thereafter and managed to sleep for about 3 hours.  Once again, the foremost thought when I woke up was the nausea.  Good Lord, I cannot take much more of this!  Thank God my dog was being charitably obedient.  She came upstairs and lay down with me.  In fact, while I usually get frustrated when she crowds me on the bed (my dog is the worlds biggest bed hog--especially with my space), it was welcome, because I was freeeeeeeeezing.  Except for a couple of mad dashes to the bathroom (Look out Usain Bolt!), I did not leave the haven of my bed for the rest of the day.  This was the tenth night in a row that I have tossed and turned and generally have not slept well.

Add to that, the fact that my husband had to leave town first thing this (Wednesday) morning for a business trip -- the most ill-timed business trip ever; between my broken elbow, the stomach flu, that I'm left to care for the dog (Please be good!), and the fact that today March 16 is my birthday!

Seriously, Charlie Sheen is laughing at me right now.  

Talk about an epic FAIL.

I tried to do some work today only to burst into tears about 4 times (and this was in the morning).  That said, I'm counting my losses and going back to bed!

--stay well and happy living

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