Monday, March 1

Back to the Gym Sickness

This always happens to me... I finally make a committment to get back to the gym and back into shape, I get a couple of visits in (usually up to a week or so) and then BAM... I'm sick! I'm beginning to think that it's some sort of cosmic joke... Does anybody else experience this?(and just to make sure that I don't have to clarify later, I am militant about cleaning the gym equipment--both after AND BEFORE I use it. Cause I find that people are LAZY about that.)
  • You called it! (1 vote)
  • I've gotten sick a couple of times, but not enough to say it's related. (1 vote)
  • No, not that I've noticed. (0 votes)
  • I don't think so, lady! (0 votes)

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