Monday, March 8

Truckin' Along

I can proudly state that despite some SERIOUS procrastination, yesterday...  I did go to the gym last night.  I did my alternating run/walk varying my mph and length of time in order to push myself.

And trust me when I say I procrastinated.  It was a gorgeous day yesterday...and it was my 2 year wedding anniversary to the man of my dreams.  AND, Puppy (her name is actually Scout--as in Scout Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird--but very often my husband and I refer to her as Puppy, because she's so darn cute, and because we can) was being an absolute cuddle-bug to me yesterday.  Trust me when I say that It makes it so hard to want to get up and move when she's laying there snuggling with you.

But despite all of those obstacles, I still went.  I still did my 60 minutes.  And I am feeling pretty darn good about it!

--Happy Running!

And Honey, I love you with all my heart!  Happy Anniversary!


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Scouter Pup

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