Friday, November 19

Bumps in the Road

Okay, so the past few weeks have been busy, and crazy, and when it came to working out, I’ve even been a bit lazy.
I haven’t been working out as much in the past few weeks, and I can FEEL it.  I can just tell that I am sluggish and not as into it.  However, because this weekend is crazy clean and prep weekend, because thanksgiving is coming… I am going to be making a few trips to the gym if only to restore some of my sanity.  It will be solely for my own survival.  

I made the mistake of going to Costco during my lunch hour just over a week ago--when I was hungry.  BIG MISTAKE!!!  As a result, I bought two bags of Kettle Corn.  I love me the kettle corn, it’s slightly salty and lightly sweetened—and in MODERATION, it’s not too unhealthy of a snack.  However, I have a tendency to lack impulse control.  So while UNTIL that point, I’ve actually done really well in not overdoing the sugar and sweets…. That was not helpful.  In all fairness it this all started right around the time of month where I DO get horrible cravings, so that monster could have impacted that a little bit.  HAHA
That said, I am bound and determined to stay the course of healthfulness.  Which means, I’m picking up where I left off, and marching forward.  Bumps in the road are just that….Bumps.  Passable, not insurmountable.
Now if someone could just rub my brains (rub my head) to get this rager of a headache to dissipate.  That would be swell.
On the bright side... I'm down 18 lbs from mid-September!!!  Woot!!!  It was 20, but I gained a couple... 
Marching forward
And then, there is....Thanksgiving
Hubs and I are going to have our typical Annual Thanksgiving Craziness.  Which means, lots of prep-work.  Hubs Mom, her husband (who just had a stroke last month), one of Hubs brother’s, my parents and one of my aunt’s and her daughter will all be descending upon our house for thanksgiving on Friday.  That’s right, Friday.  My hubs and I both work with the Detroit Lions for NFL games and other events at Ford Field.  It is a tremendously awesome job, and I love it.  But it means that for the past 5 seasons, because we work a 12 hour day, it is just far more logical for us to celebrate the holiday on Black Friday.  And in all honesty, I think it makes the travel factor for all of our guests much easier, as well.
My mom, bless her heart, helps out with most of the cooking.  Which, for the safety of everyone is for the best.  Cooking and I have sort of a “love/hate” thing going on.  I enjoy it—sometimes.  Other times, it’s simply too much like a chore to capture my affection.  However, I am thoroughly intimidated by Thanksgiving Feasts.
Now I have to go to bed, so I can get up tomorry and start cleaning the house from top to bottom.  Wish me luck!

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