Saturday, January 29

friday +/-

I am borrowing this post idea from Christine over at the new me.  I think it's a fantastic way to sum up the week.

The hubby worked a really long, stressful week and did not get home until 7:30pm on Friday.

I (finally) had some much needed snowboarding success this week.  Yay!
I am still loving my new kitchen appliances.
I have the cutest puppy on earth, who is currently snoring next to me.
isn't she absolutely ADORABLE?! (gratuitous puppy shot!)
My hubby is home, safe & sound.
My gorgeous, brand-spanking new Tangerine KitchenAid Stand Mixer was delivered via UPS this evening.
ain't she a beaut?!  i shall name her "Clem" for Clementine
(think Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)
All in all, I have very few complaints for the week and for that I am both grateful and happy!

--happy living

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