Sunday, January 30

lemon laws

So apparently, I have been feeling very, well very citrus-y, of late.  Examples:
1) My new KitchenAid mixer is Tangerine (I call her, 'Clem').
I'm in love.
2) I bought a new bottle of dish soap, as I was out.  Previous frangrance?  Also Tangerine.  New fragrance: Clementine.
3) The week prior, I bought a new candle from Target:  Meyer Lemon
4) I used Clem to make Lemon Meringue cookies
what was left of the meringue cookies, after my husband hit them
5) Feeling ambitious, I made my husband a Lemon Meringue pie.
at least i managed to snag a picture of this before the hubs tore into it. :-)
I've heard of 'lemon laws', but not like this.  Maybe this is a different kind.  ;-)

--happy living

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