Monday, January 31

the waffler…

Today was my husband's 35th birthday, and it was pretty low-key. We always proclaim that, 'this year we're having a party' or something similar, but we never do. It's funny—and I think my as we've gotten older, we want our birthday to be recognized. BUT, we still want to celebrate with each other.

This year, hubs genuinely only wanted a few things.
  1. An 'Ultimate Feast' from Red Lobster – we did that on Saturday night, and it was rather DISASTEROUS (more later)
  2. A chocolate cake with the 'whippy' frosting
  3. A waffle iron.
Of late, we have been on a kitchen kick, which I have loved every second of. We had the Black Friday Appliance-palooza (courtesy of Home Depot) where we literally replaced every single major appliance in our house. That was a great day! Next came phases 1 & 2 of the great kitchen repainting. Some day we will replace and redesign the layout of our kitchen, but until then we will continue to cover up the cabinets with paint. Last Friday, my KitchenAid mixer was delivered. And today…? Today we got Ryan's waffle iron. 
behold!  The iron!
Over Christmas, my family went on a skiing/snowboarding trip for a few days at Ski Brule. It was a blast, and every morning at the hotel, we had fresh made Belgian waffles. Two weeks later, Ryan had to travel for a week and a half for work, and again, made Belgian waffles for breakfast. Ever since then, he has been pining for a waffle iron to call his very own. So today, he got it.

He proceeded to make some tasty waffles, including a small one for me (which I forgot to take a picture of). I was halfway through the deliciousness when the phone rang. I got up to go grab the phone, and my pooch who had been eyeballing my waffle – lunch with great interest – decided that my departure CLEARLY meant that she was supposed to take the rest.
she may look cute and oh so innocent, but don't be fooled!  She's a waffle snatcher!
All in all, waffle lunch was a family affair--due to a little canine filchery.

As for the cake, Ryan told me that he did not care what the cake looked like, as long as it was a chocolate cake with whippy icing.  Which meant that I was going to find the most ridiculous cake I could find.  

Surprisingly, he just chuckled, and proceeded to immediately slice and serve it up.  He did this so quickly, in fact, that I did not have the the chance to take a picture, until after the fact...
ooh la la!
Happy birthday, to the best husband I could have ever hoped for!  I hope your day was low-key!

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