Wednesday, January 26

sandwich of champions -- a caprese-esque blt

Today was a work from home day (my favorite work days of the week).

For some reason, I don't usually eat lunch on my work from home days.  Today however, I decided to try something new and this sandwich fit the bill perfectly.

It was incredibly. Simple.  I made a modified version of this recipe from Ashley over at (Never Home) Maker.  If you haven't already, you should definitely check it out.

The sandwich is effectively a "caprese" sandwich.

the ingredients -- minus the bacon

It only takes a few ingredients: a larger-sized roll style bread, a fresh tomato, fresh pesto and an egg sized ball of mozzarella.  I also fried a couple of slices of bacon.

While I was frying the bacon, I also turned my toaster-oven on and set it to broil. While those two things were going on, I sliced the bread length-wise (used French Batard, from Papa Joe's Gourmet Market -- LOVE!).  

Next up, I sliced both the mozzarella and the tomato into several slices at an angle.  Then I slathered each half of the bread with a copious amount of pesto, piled the tomato on one side of bread and the mozzarella on the other.

At this point, I put the open-faced sandwich into the broiler for about 5 minutes to get the cheese all melty, pulled it out of the toasty-oven and layered the bacon on top of the cheese.

FINALLY:  I put each side of the sandwich together and cut it into 5 -- manageable -- slices.

i garnished each slice with some avocado that was about to turn.  nom - nom!
*  footnote 1:  I used roma tomatoes because those looked the tastiest in the store.  In the summer, I'll probably go with some kind of heirloom tomato.
*  footnote 2:  my recipe writing is kind of crap right now.  Please don't hold that against me much.

--happy living

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