Friday, February 11

friday +/-


  • The hubby was stuck in training on Monday and Tuesday while we were in Houston.  And Tuesday was a very long day for him.
  • Mom almost got run off the road by a semi-truck in a dangerous spot on i-94 in Milwaukee.  She wasn't hurt and neither was her car, but she was definitely shaken and it delayed her arrival to our house.  Meaning, we didn't get to spend as much time with her.  But--she's safe!
  • Hubs and I had to leave the Scout-dog for 5 days.  I'll admit it--I missed her!


  • I got to go to Houston, Texas this week and see the sun and experience some warmer temperatures.  Much needed!
  • Hubs and I were able to rent a car on Sunday and drive down to the Gulf of Mexico/Galveston, Texas.
  • We enjoyed several amazing meals whilst traveling.
  • I walked approximately 5 miles per day while we were there, and it was very enjoyable.
  • Got to give my Kindle a fantastic workout while we were there.
  • Enjoyed the gorgeous weather.
  • Came home to my puppy!
  • Came home to my house that my mom had (beautifully) cleaned for our homecoming.  I LOVE coming home to a clean house, so it was wonderful!
All in all it's been another grand week!!!
...i missed this girl!

--happy living

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