Thursday, February 10

everything's bigger in texas!

Seriously, it is!  I have been MIA the past several days as my hubby and I have been holed up in this mystical land of the south--specifically Houston.  I have to say a few things have surprised me.
our view of the houston skyline from the hotel.  the toyota center is where the houston rockets play.

Texas Observations:
  • First of all, very few people here have that southern twang to their voices that is seemingly indicative of Texas.  Those that do, are actually transplants from more southerly locales like Louisiana and Alabama.  So there is one myth solved.
  •  The people here really are friendly.
  • Houston, particularly downtown Houston, is very much like Cleveland, Ohio, in that it is a work week  kind of city.  It's very busy Monday through Friday between 8am and 6pm, but after that...  It's closed.  
  • They know how to make a good latte here. 
  • It blows my mind that at 60 degrees and sunny you see people bundled up in heavy winter coats, looking like they are suffering through a blizzard--they are not.  
    • As a side note:  I would have taken a picture of this, but I was unable to do it without being rude and obvious.  So I did not.
  • Downtown Houston is absolutely BEAUTIFUL, pedestrian friendly and clean.  Seriously!  I did not see litter, trash or graffiti, ANYWHERE
  • There are a MILLION little parks sprinkled all throughout the downtown--including one with a dog park.  Oh how I wish I could have brought my dog.  She would have loved it so.
OK, so now that that is all out of the way....  My husband had to travel here for a work training "thing", and it was the perfect opportunity for me to get out of dodge and see reintroduce myself to the sun again!  The weather has ranged between 55 and 69 degrees and SUNNY since I've been here.  So that has been so welcome!  I LOVE snow, and I LOVE winter, but I was in desperate need of a change of scenery and this was the perfect fit.

Scout was not happy to see us go, until she realized that she was going to get to spend a few days with Gramma (ie my mom).
please don't go, mumma....  i swear i'll be good!
We arrived early afternoon on Saturday.  I swear, Ryan and I timed this trip (if we can claim the timing for a scheduled training) perfectly!  We sandwiched it between two Texas cold snaps--one on Friday, the whole of the city was shut down due to ice.  Wednesday afternoon we left, and that was when another round of cooler temperatures, wind and the rain set in.

Sunday, my husband and I managed to rent a car for the day and we drove down to Galveston, Texas and thus, the Gulf of Mexico!  SO HAPPY WE DID!  It is a very quaint area and strangely did NOT feel like "Texas" at all.
galveston, texas is a huge port of call for most cruise departures
my hubs took this picture of me.  it wasn't cold, just windy enough that a heavy fleece jacket was nice to have.
walking on the beach (yippee!!!)
All in all, I got to enjoy downtown Houston in its entirety.  Surprisingly, it is a VERY pedestrian friendly city.  This is saying a lot from someone who is extremely agyrophobic (fear of crossing the streets)--for me, it is specifically busy streets in heavily trafficked downtown areas.  I suppose I should clarify that my fear is not exactly irrational when one considers that I have previously been hit by car while crossing the street in such an area--more about that another time.  Every day that we were there, I probably walked about 5 miles.  It was wonderful taking everything in.

And now, to the rest of the pictures...
camera fun
every single one of those blocks is a huge chunk of granite.   there was so much granite in  texas!!!
a close up view of some of the granite blocks
the gulf (towards sunset)
erosion has worn the artwork down on this wall--rendering it similar to a monet painting.
more camera fun. gorgeous sunset
sunset on the water
lots of beautiful old architecture in galveston.
a little unkempt, but still beautiful.
surrounded by palm trees. 
this place was ginormous,  it was called "bishop's house" and was right across the street from this...
....absolutely stunning church
happy friday and happy living

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