Monday, May 23

where it's at!

This is where I was at with the house last summer....  Lots of changes!
a view from the top (of the stairs, that is)
living room.  this pic is probably the closest photo representation of the blue that i have.  Other pics look like it's "electric blue"  I don't LOVE this color, and do want to repaint it... but I'm not there yet.
another view of the living room.  plus, say hello to Audrey!
my argyle wall masterpiece.  I am SO proud of how this turned out and it was (surprisingly) very easy to do!
see what i mean, electric blue!
kitchen: view II
family room.  This no longer looks like this.  There is now a big wall dividing the room right at the back of the loveseat now (the house originally had a wall as well.  Now that smaller area is an office. 

which we already used as such!

family room area
and now, up the stairs.
large guest room (front of house)
another view
and another.
small guest room (rear of house)
blue room
blue room
ahhh, my sanctuary!

--happy living

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