Thursday, June 30

organizing, schmorganizing!

I have a confession to make...  I am a pack-rat.  It's true.  I keep things and then I do not get rid of them as quickly as I could.  Or... they end up in my basement with the lofty goal of having a garage sale -- which hasn't happened yet.

So now that I am unemployed, I have to clean up and clean OUT all of this crap, get organized and have a garage sale.  BUT I DON'T KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN!!!  I don't like our basement; there are spiders down there.  This means that I will leave my husband to bring up all of those boxes -- which I will then, gingerly go through, thinking of spiders the whole time.

Plan of Action: Clearing clutter in "pre-garage sale glory":

  • Starting in my bedroom, with my clothes.  
    • I have a lot of clothes.  A LOT!
  • Tackle the guest bedrooms 
    • This is where the extraneous clothes and accessories are
  • Bathrooms 
    • I am a product junkie, so I need to be ruthless here
  • Kitchen 
    • Pare down tupperware-ish stuff that I do not use
    • Canned goods gone bad
    • Items we just will not eat
    • Get rid of paper and junk mail collections
    • Get rid of Dog Items I Scout does not use (and donate to the Oakland County Pet Adoption Center)
  • Living Room / Dining Room
    • Not much to get rid of here, but there are some odds and ends, extra tablecloths, etc
  • Family Room
    • Clean off my desk 
      • Get rid of paper and junk mail collections
    • Get rid of books and magazines I have read
    • Old candles
    • Sort cords for charge-able items
  • Office
    • That is SOLELY my husband's disaster area mess -- so that one is on him.
  • Garage
    • This one is MOSTLY my husband's disaster area mess -- I will help, but this one will mainly fall on his shoulders.
  • Basement
    • Not ready to even go there.  Yet....

Then, I will think about the garage sale.  The one thing I do know is that whatever does not sell is going IMMEDIATELY to the Salvation Army.  It will not (I repeat NOT) go back into the house or remain in the garage.

--happy living (and wish me luck!)


  1. Since you're on such a roll, you're more than welcome to head on out here and help us pack! That's sounds super fun, right??


    No. :-P

  3. (to the packing, of course.
    but i still love you :D)

  4. Yeah, that's pretty much what I though :-)


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