Saturday, January 22


In the relatively short time that we have owned our house, my husband and I have put it through many changes. 

I love the things I've done to the house, but I am still learning about my house and her personality.  What she likes, what she doesn't like.  You know... The ol' "what makes her tick" if you will.

For instance:

the family room when we bought the house

which became:

family room AFTER we moved in.  oodles more cheer in here, now.
And now...  When the house was built, the family room was originally TWO rooms; a bedroom and a family room.  The original owners had torn down the wall and made it one big, open room.  Traditionally, this is something that I would have loved.  But it was a very awkward room with no real good wall space.  So on last summer (4th holiday, specifically), my parents, hub and I built a wall, to re-separate the rooms.  With that wall, our office was born.  Our office, which had BEAUTIFUL hardwood floors beneath the carpet which my mom and hubby refinished. And a smaller, more logically laid out, family room.

It's not 100% ideal.  It would have been really nice to have a doorway between the two rooms, but again, it wasn't really feasible.  I'm happy with the way it is now, but an opening would have created a tad more flow.

It's still a work in progress.  The office isn't finished yet (Why yes, I do know that this project was started this summer.  And yes, it is now July.  My hubby ended up traveling for work the rest of the summer and well into the fall almost immediately following the holiday.  We figured out that he was maybe home for 1.5 weeks in the time between July and October.  Bah!), and I'm about ready to repaint the family room.  Again.  Until that happens, however...  The family room looks a little something like this:

why yes, i most certainly DO have christmas lights up. ;)
Evolution.  It's a beautiful thing :-)

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