Sunday, January 23

introducing katie!

Keurig, that is!
Welcome to the family, Ma'am!
We named her after this  Katie (Couric).
We had to.  The Keurig & Couric sound way to similar when speaking aloud.

The hubs and I got this baby right after Christmas, where we had gotten one from my parents.  LOVE it!   It's an upfront investment, but I have not purchased a single, fancy latte from Caribou Coffee or Starbucks, since we've had it.  

She makes me my hot coffee while I am putting my coat on to head into work.  And on the days when I am at home, I don't have to waste half a pot of coffee when all I need is one or two cups.  I can truly say it was worth the investment.

PS:  The best deal on this is from Costco. For the price ($139), it's the best model and comes with the most coffee, to start.

--happy living

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