Wednesday, February 2

it's a marshmallow world!

Well, the blizzard came and left.  It did not leave as much snow as predicted (and unfortunately, it never does), but it still left a beautiful coat of snow.

Ryan, Scout and I all teamed up and cleaned out the driveway. Ryan used the snowblower, I took the shovel and played cleanup, and Scout was really just an observant (and faithfully diligent) project manager.
i've got my eyes on you!

let me tell you, it was one heck of a workout!
i did stop shoveling for a minute to take a picture of me.  shoveling.
Our driveway is pretty big, wide and steep (it's on a pretty decent incline, as you can see here:
my husband is up top, but the house, and Scout is only about halfway up.
It took Ryan and I a little better than 90 exhausting minutes to complete.

When we finished, I went inside the house and made my super delicious mega-whip hot cocoa for my husband (of which I forgot to take a picture of)

For lunch, I had the tried and true staple:  grilled cheese and tomato soup.  But I did it with a twist.
I had some Country White bread from Whole Foods, spread a very thin coat of Earth Balance on each side of the bread and toasted one side for a minute on the stove to firm it up.  Then I flipped the bread over, put a slice of cheddar on one piece of bread, and colby jack on the other.  Then, while that was melting, I added a little bit of gorgonzola, pesto and tomato.  It really only needs a little bit of gorgonzola... it just give it a nice tangy bite.
before the pesto and tomatoes, after the gorgonzola
Then, put it together, cut it in half and enjoy!
I also heated up some of my favorite soup, Trader Joe's Organic Tomato And Roasted Red Pepper Soup.  This stuff is absolutely AMAZING!
this is the very definition of tasty
But we get to do it again later, as it is still snowing!  In the meantime, our little patio table outside looks like it is wearing a giant marshmallow hat.
it's a marshmallow world!

--happy living ( & stay warm and safe!)

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